Watch Women Tell Pm He’s “F*Cked Everything Up” In Live Streamed Debate


The great thing about live TV is it's potential for unsanctioned swearing. It's a fine British tradition that has taken in everything from the Sex Pistols making a career from calling Bill Grundy a 'fucking rotter' to pop soul act Five Star seeing their career go down the drain after a caller asked them why they were 'so fucking crap' on Going Live. Arise then, you as-yet-anonymous audience member on Buzzfeed's live 'Town Hall' debate, for you have added your voice to the ranks of history.

The debate was set up to give PM David Cameron a chance to put his case for remaining in Europe to a live studio audience, and things were going (relatively) swimmingly, up to the point where one women told Cameron that she was voting remain, but "that's nothing to do with you guys. I hate the Tories, you've fucked up fucking everything in this country." Watch the video below, and chuckle at call-me-Dave's increasingly scarlet hued, raging face. 


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