Tonka Responds To Claims He Is Evil Graffiti Legend Banksy


Confusion shot through the internet yesterday, as wild claims that graffiti artist Banksy had been arrested and unveiled by UK police swept social media. With few questioning why this story was being reported by National Report – a newspaper no one had ever read, let alone heard of, thousands quickly packaged up their credibility, and neatly fired it from a cannon marked 'I'll re-post any old bullshit'. 

Meanwhile, rumours continue to persist that Banksy is, in fact, one of the many alias's used by shadowy Ransom Note contributor Tonka. Numerous experts have noted the uncanny similarities between Tonka's mastery of photoshop, and Banksy's nuanced political stencils. Fictional art critic Georgos Stavr pointed out on a twitter account that has since been deleted or didn't ever exist that Tonka's recent work 'monologue to Marti Pellow' bore a number of key likeness- in both form and content- to Banksy's much loved street classic 'One Nation Under CCTV'. When placed side by side, it's hard to deny the passionate, playful dialogue between the two:

With little more evidence needed, or indeed provided, we approached Tonka, to ask whether he would confirm – or deny – that he was in fact Banksy

"My legal team have advised me to say, "no comment" " came the enigmatic reply.

Make of that what you will internet, make of that what you will.