This Week…We’ve come a long, long way together…


"Still don't believe me, Darwin?" – God

"Time is just a construct" – Buzz Lightyear

"Bird Box was pretty dece, wasn't it?" – Prince Philip

When neanderthals and denisovans were living their life, I doubt they could've imagined their evolution. Yeh, they were probably thinking about where their next meal was, or trying not to get gobbled up by a T-Rex, but some of this week's headlines would've sickened them, shocked them, and seriously made them question whether the T-Rex option was the best for future generations. 

I think evolution may have skipped this homo sapien.

Someone else was clearly inspired too.

I'd rather see the word kindness painted onto a bedroom wall in one of those horrendously optimistic quote things than etched onto a Floridian man's machete. Or would I?

Pétanque's a fairly primitive 'sport' on the surface, throwing balls at other balls. I guess our ancestors can relate to this next headline more easily.

When these geezers told their unassuming partners they were off to have a boules session, they really meant it.

Some fish are friends, others are food. Sorry Bruce. These mofuckas must have a death wish!

She one thicc, C H O N K mumma


Another tough one to explain to our most distant ancestors would be the World Record egg. I'd give it a crack, though.

It's Always Sunny Side Up In Philadelphia

There's now an egg attempting to break the World Record for retweets on Twitter. Social media really is a powerful tool, innit? Trying to keep up has fried my brain.

Anyway, Twitter has proven its worth yet again.

Back to reality now. Well, sort of.

A German-Namibian artist is challenging time through music. Installing a solar powered system into the Namibian desert, Max Siendentopf is hoping Toto's Africa will play for ever and ever.

If it rains, won't those speakers break?

Wrap your undeveloped, pre-historic brains around that one, you neanderthal fucks!