This Week… World Cup Fever!!!


“I never predict anything and I never will" – Paul Gascoigne

“The first 90 minutes are the most important” – Bobby Robson

"Michael Owen to Newcastle is the biggest transfer of the season so far – and it will be until there's a bigger one" – Jim White

“I don’t want Wayne Rooney to leave these shores, but if he does, I think he’ll go abroad" – Ian Wright

The Footie season has begun once again and this time it's motherland Russia hosting the show. As is customary in each World Cup season, the first game always includes the host team. Russia smashed the leaders of the free world, Saudi Arabia, FIVE FUCKING NIL. As is customary in all 5-0 drubbings the Ruskies celebrated in style…

For once, the England team don't have an official World Cup song – apparently Greg Clarke wasn't a fan of Jesse Lingard's proposed collaboration with MIST and Steel Banglez – but thankfully the lovely folks over at CBeebies have filled the void with this delightful offering for small ravers.

Start 'em young, right? Anyway, have you seen the latest Black Mirror trailer? Charlie Brooker is on the money once again. Look.

Meeting went well apparently. No nuclear war today my friends!

Meanwhile in Singapore…

Meanwhile in Brexitain…

Fuck the foreign beers, I prefer Stella anyway.

Meanwhile in society…

Good, but also… why is this a thing. Who the hell does this? Fucking rotters!



#sarahhuckabeesanders #tittygate #wardrobemalfunction @johnbushcomedy

A post shared by Kyle Dunnigan (@kyledunnigan1) on

A post shared by Kyle Dunnigan (@kyledunnigan1) on

Cruising into the weekend like… the Anchored party cruisers.

Were you on board the ship? If you want to be a grassy cunt please email

Food looks shit too. High-end haute cuisine bollocks.

Finally, here's some videos of news reporters getting fucking OWNED.

Have a great weekend y'all!!!