This Week… Skinner Versus Dodgy Dave


"I am proud to stand up for my class, to say publicly that I am from good working-class stock. I am proud to be a trade unionist, to be a member of the Labour Party and to be a socialist. I stick to my principles. I know no other way in politics. I make mistakes, everybody does. Nobody is perfect. I have no monopoly on the best way of being an MP. I try not to let anybody down. I've sailed close to the wind in my life but always for the good of the cause, to champion those at the bottom of the pile who deserve better." – Dennis Skinner

"[Wealth] is not a dirty word" – David Cameron

"Look both ways before you cross my mind" – George Clinton

"England is the only place where people queue for a potato" – some German guy

"I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, I wish I had a girl who looked good, I would call her" – Skee-Lo

Derbyshire MP Dennis Skinner once again won his way into the hearts of the British public this week with his refusal to withdraw the "Dodgy Dave" remark he made about Cameron's tax affairs.

It's the fifth time he's been sent out of the chamber. Good on ya, Dennis.

I reckon MPs should work for minimum wage. That way you'd cut out all the careerist pricks who're only in it for the chance of a peerage and to boost their cachet on the after-dinner speakers circuit. Instead you'd be left with people who get into politics because they want to make a difference to people's lives, not their own pockets. You want politicians who truly serve their country instead of themselves and all their mates? Cut out all the financial incentives to being an MP. Shame that'll never happen.

Here's the Cabinet Office responding to a petition to hold a General Election in 2016:

Ah yes, the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act. The one introduced under the Coalition Government in 2011. Handy that.

I guess count your blessings and all that. Across the pond they've got to contend with these jokers:

First Lady Melania is looking like a bizarre but very possible reality.

After decades of being his name used in rap songs as shorthand for wealth/power, now the overriding sentiment towards the reality TV star is one of "Fuck Donald Trump". These Baltimore kids have got something to say on the matter:

And finally, balls-up of the week goes to this guy. Don't drink and code, kids: