ThIS week… rainbow CAT lick, SAUCEPAN MOONS, ONLY BUYING THE WHITE ALBUM & Audio goodness.

“resilient dynamism” the organising watchword for this year’s  World Economic Forum, is allegedly the way out of the crisis. It is meaningless.
Who, for example, would support non-resilient stagnation? Western capitalism, and, arguably, global capitalism, has arrived at an apparent dead end. It is in profound trouble. But if the best answer to austerity and economic malaise is resilient dynamism every delegate should stay at home. As a call to action, you might as well urge everyone to be manly, womanly and decisive. Virtuous states of mind, but hardly blueprints for action.” Will Hutton 

People travel to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the kind of people they ignore at home. Dagobert D. Runes

“Paris is always a good idea.” Audrey Hepburn 
“With an apple I will astonish Paris.” Paul Cezanne 
“From what I’ve heard, Paris did a little bit more prep work as far as making bike lanes and all of that stuff. They really did it properly, which New York is getting to little by little.” David Byrne

Excellent article about Bad Capitalism from Will Hutton 

The Current American Economic Mess, Explained With Headlines

“As a percentage of national income, corporate profits stood at 14.2 percent in the third quarter of 2012, the largest share at any time since 1950, while the portion of income that went to employees was 61.7 percent, near its lowest point since 1966.”
A golden age for corporate profits.

“The real job creators arent the ultra-wealthy. If they could create jobs with all their added wealth, they would have done it already. The real job creators are working people with jobs.

They dont invest their money in hedge funds or stash it in offshore accounts. They spend it: on food, transportation, their kids education, maybe a night at the movies And then other people get jobs making those things possible.” The Great Wealth Robbery

Good piece in the NY Times too. 

Jesus, calm down Wil… let’s get some abstract randomness in our lives to combat the doom and gloom.

Want to sleep during work hours? Look no further than eyelid stickers

Saucepan moon… or saucepans that look like space/the moon. Click the link or picture… there’s some bangers in there!

Rutherford change only collects the Beatles first pressing of The White Album… umm OK then.
Q: Why do you find it so great? Its a white, blank cover. Are you a minimalist?

A: Im most interested in the albums as objects and observing how they have aged. So for me, a Beatles album with an all white cover is perfect.
Q: Do you care about the albums condition?
A: I collect numbered copies of the White Album in any condition. In fact I often find the poorer condition albums more interesting.
Scary pac man – very scary actually. Need to install some ‘thing’ to make it play… but it is pretty scary!

?Ink in water art… innit.

]People travel to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the kind of people they ignore at home. Dagobert D. Runes
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Thai pschedelia… ace. 


Check these beauties..

Blast from the past… what an ace album this is…

Right, immensity of Laurent Garnier all night at the Rex last night. People dance over here and have fun and things. Missing at the moment on a big smoke dancefloor… let’s bring the fun back.
Bjork is waiting for me this evening… she’s got a whole show planned for me and everything.

THe cohort’s just fired up the Paris playlist… jesus! 

Christ what a banger that is… 

Things are OK… oh yes they are!