This Week… Grassing Up Ur Co-Workers, Gif Addiction And Looney Choons


"It’s good to be friendly" – W. Troup

"That was just a bit of discomfort I had to ease…" – S. Sharp

Does anybody have a copy of Excel I can borrow? No… okay, I'll just use google sheets. I've been really concerned about the behaviour of some of my colleagues here at the R$N office. I  don't feel able to communicate with them about some of the things I've observed or heard about through hearsay recently, so I've put this little spreadsheet together with their full names, their job title and the things I KNOW TO BE true about them.

Can this be our little secret?… Okay, cool.

In other news…


Have you ever touched your girlfriend's/boyfriend's shoulder like this?…

It's confusing getting close and emosh with someone, isn't it? This is entirely the wrong platform for this kind of chat though so let's keep going.


Here's the single reason Brexit might actually be a good thing.


Trump was deactivated for 11minutes today. Yeah! That showed him!… On Twitter… the social media service. Not his life or his Presidency.

FFS, who actually cares?… FUCKING LOADS OF PEOPLE, DON'T THEY!


It breeds Twitteranoia.



Biggup all my incredible friends. That's you and you and you and you. The list is endless.

Unless you're a naughty person. I'm not fond of naughty people

Okay, breathe.

If you know…you know.


Happy Birthday Alan. 20 years since the first show was aired. 


That's the week, in a nutshell! No more, no less. If you have a party then keep it in the kitchen so the floor is easy to clean. 

and girls.

Let's 'av it!


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