This Week… D.M.Xmas Is Upon Us, Ghetto Tech, And Web Browsing


"Where the hood at?" – DMX

"X gonna give it to you…" – DMX

"Rudolph the red nose reindeer…" – DMX

It’s 1st December, which means someone you know will be spouting off about xmas, slipping it into conversation when abso-fucking-lutely not necessary or appropriate. Well, it turns out that DMX is also one of these people. It’s been a long time coming too… 2013 in fact… It's a bloody shame as well because he has a voice capable of making father Christmas himself cry with fear, ah well at least he won't be on the naughty list this year… or will he? 


In more important news than other news, a Prince is getting married. Our Prince. Your Prince. My Prince. Exciting isn't it. I bet you have loads of questions…

I don't live in Nottingham. Why is that relevant, I think I hear you ask? Did you ask that?

Romeo DUN.

If you were deputy leader of a political party, which you aren't, but if you were, what would you do at that lazy point in the afternoon, say 330pm, you get that itch, that itch to procrastinate… or something like that anyway?…

That’s right. Clean your rifle, choke the cyclops, churn the butter, milk the lizard, play the skin flute, paint the ceiling, toss the salad, or take the sausage hostage.

Precisely, Damian Green does that too. 




Do you search google for motivational memes in an attempt to get ahead in life?

Me either. But for any of you saddo's out there. I have news for you.

FUCK MEMES. Just paint your own path. Or better still, paint the path of others so they go the wrong way.





It's the office party tonight. Celllllllllllllll-e-brate good times, come on! Or something like that, yeah? Right, time to go…



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