This Week 9/9


“Compromise is for people who are wrong!” an american sound-bite on Have I Got News For You last week.

I’ve got dental floss caught in my teeth… I’m not entirely sure how that works. Surely you use dental floss to get stuff out your teeth, no? Ah the ever complex mind of mr troup eh?!

So here’s how it goes…. beautiful morning… pss with rain all afternoon and evening, yeah? mmm september… still, least there’s a massive pension waiting for us, eh? Oh no, sorry there’s not.

“Freedom of speech. Yeah well they burn the American flag all over the world… and i don’t like that!” koran burning fever hits america! Gosh, even the beauty and wonder that is Sarah Palin has been critical of it.

Did you hear Nick Clegg talking this morning about “multi-consuming”? So it’s not just multi-tasking but multi-consuming now. Isn’t that what weightingly challenged people have been doing for years?! Actually, he was talking about the way we consume information… we stay on this subject as I tell you of my enjoyment of my new economist/try to be more knowledgeable subscription. excellent article this week on untangling the social web. The rather sinister world of network analysis, telecoms companies identifying thriftier customers – known as influencers – as being actually more valuable… and much more besides.

Did you see that video from that ferry in the storm in new zealand? mental.

I know I’m starting to sound like Victor Meldrew but I’m not sure I find anything more annoying at the moment than people saying ‘my bad’. Is it just me? I think it probably is…OK Dappy I can handle but if I hear it one more time on an email…

“Little bit of a wiggle of a schooom snake…” “there it goes… hmm…” that guy daniel corbett who reads the weather on bbc is amazing isn’t he? behaves like a total… i was going to say serial killer but i’ll just stick with mentalist. oh my lord there’s even a fanblog for him!

New mad men series on last night… good. makes me want to smoke and drink whisky tho. there’s got to be something clever written about the power of advertising in there hasn’t there? not sure my brain extends to that sort of clever/wittiness!

Now i’m a massive advocate of the humble bicycle (me and my trusty steed have been many places londinium) but when i heard on the news last night a bicycle campaigner banging on about the post office fazing out bicycles with “well, if you go to china you’ll see someone carrying a sofa on their back…” i mean yeah ok mate, i’ve seen that and it’s really impressive an all that but…

Did you know people’s brains shrink about 1/2 % a year? more so in alzheimers patients… apparently large doses of vitamin b helps slow it down. I’m not sure I’ll be upping my intake of liver, kidneys & faggots but I’m sure I can knock back a few tins of condendsed milk a day!

The difference between men & women

What will london’s skyline look like in 2030? Pretty messy if we’ve got pilots like this in the sky!

xx win mercury music prize… surprise! but whatever happened to mercury eh? – so now you know.

The best apology in the world from Alan Partrdige courtesy of Mr Roberts.

Office trick gone very wrong – deary me… i do find this very funny!!

Excellent shadow art

Widgets to cure writer’s block

Interesting article in vice from last year about the mao’s underground city

I know it’s fallen down the news recently, as it has on this section actually and she is a bit of a nosher but you have to say that it’s only a good thing that ms jolie is raising Pakistan again. I just realised I’d not actually donated anything. Was only too quick to do it for Haiti & the tsunami. Better rectify that.

Reading test.

Amazing fish pictures

Fancy getting up people’s noses this afternoon? why not make a racket on this

How to cut your man’s hair… I do actually really need a haircut actually. Massive hair!

Banana trick

right then, more biscuits!


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