This Week 1/4


Rain, shine, rain, shine… it takes a nation of schizophrenics to hold us back! Seriously tho, what the hell’s going on with the sky outside… Anyway!

Brilliant, the This Week has pretty much written itself this week! Capped off by a really interesting debate about immigration on Newsnight right now. Watch it on iplayer (Wed night). There was a great article about present day Rwanda too… So many interesting links and things… first of all, apologies for the cardboard record link not working… it’s really worth seeing so I’m posting it again here…check the pic to the left. I have to get my hands on one! Let’s start with SHAUN RYDER IN MY POCKET! How good is that? My brother must have spent the whole day on that! anish kapoor’s new olympic look out point/structure thing… it’s very nice, I like him a lot and most of it’s sponsored by some rich bloke but we’ll pick another 3m (that’s us Londoners), brilliant. I didn’t want my overground fixed anyway. The new mephedrone is on it’s way according the ole Sun “One of the kids at our local school got on NRG-1. He cried all the water out of his body. If you’re sick on it, you can puke yourself to death. It’s a disgrace that this is legal.” As Jim points out, that’s surely a direct lift from Chris Morris, no?! Check what the fantastic Professor Nutt (you know, the one who wouldn’t tow the govt. line so they sacked him) had to say about the ban on mephedrone in the torygraph.

The Libertines reform… oh joy. Is that not the best news you’ve heard all year… they can play all of their… oooh 2 hits all over again! I’ve got my Reading ticket already anyway. Tho I still have my official ejection letter so may not be allowed in… shame.

This is tagged as the funniest video ever… I wouldn’t call it that… but it is massively funny! Thanks for the fakebook wall rape there Liv! x Check the beatboxing parrots & again here – brilliant!

Did you know about supersymmetry, the hadron collider & dark matter? Something to do about a big bang or summat! I’ll understand one day when i have the time… or maybe I probably won’t! Interesting tho. “I’m not a vegetarian because i love animals, i’m a vegetarian because i hate plants!” If you were to put all the mined gold into one place it would form a 55ft square… two fantastic & vital things I gleaned from QI on Friday.

The real Primal Scream. In your face? no, on your head. So this is the way of online newsmaybe. The end of The Bill after 27 years… BA’s ‘volunteers’ will combat the strike… I really could go on forever this week but there’s something I’ve been meaning to post from my friend Louis for ages…

‘A’ was watching some news video the other day, and i noticed two blokes at the front doing an extraordinary clapping dance and here. Rather than being a mysterious surreal performance, its apparently a traditional japanese style ‘cheerleading’ dance, to get a crowd energetic. They are aparently all based on a 3/3/7 beat – i dont know the significance of this. Drunk businessmen do it. Quentin Tarantino style?. Even a radish dance. All quite intriguing…

Did I tell you i was the Greatest American Hero?

Big weekend soon a come… get out get out… s’gonna be massive!

Ok bye then…


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