This Week 6/10


“Well you’ve just tried to answer the question” Boris
“Well I’m trying to help, because you’re talking about tennis and things…” Paxman

“Take your arguments down to the job centre because we need to get this country started.” Cammers… 
“I don’t support gay marriage…” long pause, bit contentious David “because I’m a Conservative…” ah I see. Please both sets of voters in one sentence just by use of a pause. The old fkkrs will switch off after the pause… “I don’t support gay marriages” wof wof, good on you David… 

“Steve Jobs was born out of wedlock, put up for adoption at birth, dropped out of college, then changed the world. What’s your excuse?” Ummm… bit weird! Why not just say, he invented some great stuff and done well for himself. 

“The whole cultural world has gone open source” 
“Artists are working more and more in communities”
“Cameron talks about the big society but actually it’s here already.” People becoming more and more intelligent by sharing collectively.”
Did you know our brains are actually getting smaller.”
Brian Eno on the Night of News last night.

1pm – brushes teeth, oops slipping back into old routines from those good ones created out in Balearia! Still, least I’m not still sat in my pants, unshowered at 3 in the afternoon… oh, wait that was yesterday! Is this my adaptation of the 4 Hour Working week??

Right so what I think people really want is an ever changing load of biscuits about what all their friends are doing… I need a constant flow. I don’t want to concentrate on any of them, I just want it to constantly evolve so I can’t actually read any of it. Then I want you to show me who of my ‘friends’ are online, even tho I’m not so I can stalk them, then I want you to show me loads of targeted ads, oh yeah and lots of credit card ones and then also who else of my friends liked the page I’m looking at so we can all be the same, then I was hoping if you could fix the search box at the top so if I ever freak out I know I can go and search for something that’ll make me feel at ease…but make it so that I can’t see the top of the page properly… if you could do those updates for me I think my facebook user experience would be soooo much better…. never gonna happen tho is it?!

So goodbye Steve Jobs What to say, other than what was said above… but seriously tho 56! Jesus, keep doing the now, for the morrow may not exist.

Ummmm… ummmmm… .Disneyland Christmas Ad…. ummmmm… ummmm…. ummmm….. October the 5th… ummm… what?

So, apparently Cliff Richard’s gay I was told the other day? Not that I got anything against them gays or owt but I can honestly say I didn’t realise. Can’t wait for the new album tho? Have you heard it?? Amazing Check Go On & Tell Him… banger. How old is Cliff Richard?? All his little tucks make it very difficult to tell. Wow, he’s going to be 71 in 9 days time. Shall we dedicate next week’s issue to him?

Men get breast cancer too? I had no idea!!

So the great credit card speech that next was. I was shocked tho to read the amount that collectively the British public have on credit cards. 57 billion pounds. Sweet jesus Mary mother n all that!

Putin doesn’t actually unearth pots – how utterly ridiculous… is he completely mental or just massively vain?

Oooh Warehouse Project was rather good on the weekend. Derrick May he go um cha um cha um cha… very good. We gots a competition to win tix to the Horrors one next weekend coming very soon, check back the site manana like. All will be revealed! 

“Do hard times, make good music?” Newsnight article last night. Obviously not: check below for the argument against…

Sorry, mid life crisis, what?!

Tory party conference… even the BBC2 trailer makes the whole thing look tired old and…still it was worth the whole thing for Boris & Jezza… he can’t stop smiling.. I can’ stop either!
“Have you finished? You mention Dave, is it true that you’ve always felt yourself intellectually inferior.” Pazzers

What did you ever see in him L?!

Dog afraid of Julia Roberts – ta Mr Cookson! đŸ™‚

See that parking fine to the right? It came from Campbell Neal @ New York Police Dept, so it must be legit yeah? Cool, I best just pay it.

Right, this internet the past few days in my house has been worse than it was down Balearia street so I’m gonna get off but I bid you adieu and rather good looking weekend… this Autumn is feeling good. I think it’s gonna be a good un.

Love n all that…