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“[no links will be provided on this post to Daily Mail articles – I would rather direct you to donkey porn] I gave up trying to understand what motivates the DM a long time ago. It is like trying to explain why a fungal infection spreads on a petri-dish. There is no answer.” Sturdy Blog

“Seriously??? i’d murder someone I saw with one of those” with reference to said Mau5 of the Dead variety tattoo to the left.

“Paul (Daniels) was such a good sport and so professional. He’s insisted they use the scene where he got injured, not the first one.” A source added:

“Teenage girl in mansion in Australia has bomb and ‘ransom note’ strapped to her.” R$N would like to make it known we have no affiliation with said Ransom Note or any relations to the step-mum thereof… we wish the family all the best.

“New Sourz Raspberry, it’s time you tried it.” Umm, don’t think it is mate… but thanks anyway.

The wondrous world of Liz Jones from the excellent Sturdy Blog and The Insane World of Liz Jones in her own words

Now time is moving on… yes, yes it is Wil. Isn’t it time you talked about your cat? It was pointed out to me this that I’d neglected talking about my cat recently. Fear not, he’s still about and fighting fit… well you say fit, you mean fat fkkr who can barely get up the stairs. Some could argue I’m over-feeding him, this is actually not the case. He is in fact a lazy fk who starts to have a breakdown around 6pm if you’re in the house as he knows it’s feeding time. Cat crack let’s call it. Has that mental look in his eyes like he’ll kill you for some biscuits. There you go cat update… done.

What other narcissistic pieces of virtue can I impart on this espousal about myself and my cat? Nothing? Really? No, I don’t think I’ve done much interesting this week that I can shout about me, me, me…

What about the news then? Hmmm… hmmm.
Lloyds Bank loses 3.3bn – least we didn’t have to bail em out eh? Oh no, we did… oh yeah we own them don’t we. Does that mean we’ve lost 3.3bn? Ah well it’s all good, we’re not collecting rubbish anymore most of the time so that’ll pay for that. D’you like my cod-politico-economics there?

Have you heard about the whole white house ‘Rickrolling’ someone. I hadn’t anyway, in fact I hadn’t even heard about Rickrolling full stop… 37 million views for Rick Astley?!! Even has it’s own Wiki entry. You can’t say the lad doesn’t deserve it!

Interesting article on Google’s Enemies and it’s monopolies quandaries.

A test made from the blood of horseshoe crabs just might have saved your life.

‘I’m going to go tell my wife I love her, because I am now fucking petrified at the prospect of ever having to date again.’ – as my cohort said the other day, the internet is great because it gets you dangerously close to those that you’d otherwise feel obliged to get sectioned.

Govt. drops music download site blockingFormat shifting rights shift… god it’s all so bloody complicated innit! So Music Week almost went down the pan this week… Intent taken em over.

Largest shipment of cocaine seized (300 million) – does that mean the bars’ll be quieter this weekend as people don’t spend their whole time shouting over each other? What a picture this is – he’s well proud inne?

Did you know if you block your nose whilst eating a mint you can’t taste it? Well I didn’t, interesting other facts such as a fear of a duck watching you that on that link.

Hybrid human tyre structures.

Never hold a dustbuster and a cat at the same time.

Schrodinger’s Cat is alive or dead?

Half male, half female butterfly is born.

Wow, that first track on new Death In Vegas album’s pretty special. Check a stream of new shizzle here. Free download of one of em to boot like.

Right, hope the sun shines on you the weekend, I’m off to pay a visit to Doug Stanhope ce soir…and that’s why I drink. Apparently sodomy is eco-friendly.

Leave you with this like.



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