This Week 29/7


“You’re like a better looking Alan Mcgee” Steve Mason @ SGP this weekend. Fun weekend that…

Jim’s advised me to berate The Mail instead of the Torygraph for a bit. Alrighty then, let’s get started “I-Dosing: How teenagers are getting ‘digitally high’ from music they download from internet” Gotta love it! Mass hysteria, here we go. Staying on all things middle england what about the moral underground? Christ, they’ve not even made anagrams… and check the top of the northern line! Yeah mate, everyone at the top of the line are terrorists and benefit cheats…

Did you see on newsnight last night someone who put one of the charts on screen together spelt the Isle of Wight as the Isle of White. What is education coming to these days eh? Thank god the tories are in, they’ll sort it out. Done a good job with axing the UK film council axed – nice one lads. This really is super-bad. Join fakebook groups, shout, scream whatever “The UKFC is supporting a medium that inspires us all in current bleak times.” “We are constantly hearing of the need for austerity measures by this government and yet agencies which increase revenue streams for the UK Exchequer and prosperity in general for UK film are seen as irrelevant. Jeremy Hunt you’re certainly proving your cockney rhyming slang name is apt!”

After loving up the Turks, Davey Wavey heads to India to try n woo them away from the yanks with his “ooh yeah we’ve got loads of job for you” speak. Hang on a second, wasn’t part of his manifesto that he was going to cut immigration from non-EU countries? Uh, umm…? oh yeah ok, that works doesn’t it.

Have you seen the new crossing at Oxford Circus? I loved the same style one in japan when i was there. I wan go play on this one. You have to check out the name of the journalist on this article about the Vienna boys choir abuse scandal! Brilliant. Interesting article about BP in Time Out about, in it’s current enviro crisis should the art world dump it. Whilst we’re on the BP tip – their CEO just stepped down with 12 million pounds of benefits – not bad for the biggest corporate loss (25-30bn) in history.

Rather slow on the uptake of this one (only 6 million people slow) but have you seen the guy going mental over rainbows. my favourite comment on there “I had to turn this down because I figured somebody would think I was watching? porn hahaha. “Ughnn double rainbow ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” There’s even a rainbow song – god, i have been slow on this. thanks for pointing it out mr b.

It’s the world’s strongest, most expensive beer – inside a squirrel – $765 for 55% ABV… lord a mercy! ta liv. “I’m gonna grape you in the mouth!” oh my sweet jesus lord… i’ve watched this about 5 times and am kind of speechless – find it amazingly amusing, is that wrong?! Christ, what the hell is wrong with people? Voting on what happens next on the BT advert... seriously mate, you need to get out more… a lot more. Subliminal advertising in a coca-cola advert! 40 people you should follow on twitter… oh please just f*^(*^%(*^$ off!

Did you check Boris pushing his new bike scheme on the front of TO this week? Absolute nosher. Don’t worry L, I’ve saved it so you can pin it on your wall when you get home. Barclays advertising a go go – still, doubtful it would’ve happened without their money so… (I’d written a whole scathing attack of the Barclays/Time Out love-in then deleted it!).

My friend’s off to get their haircut tomorrow… this is a strong look I think? Cambodian s21 chief only gets 35 years! – hardly fair now is it? Wikileaks – afghanistan – lots to say, prob not much that my sarcastic slant can enrich any further . Catalonia ban bull fighting. – some manc bull fighting ‘artist’ on there saying how it’s just reactionary Catalunyan’s.

Jesus, I don’t know what one can say about it but the love parade disaster – heart goes out to anyone involved. OLYMPICS ALERT – Boris says if you ‘volunteer’ for the games you’ll get a uniform… oooh! aaaaaace, i’m in. How good are dr oetker’s pizzas? super ace in my book… and they’re on super offer in the rob me please supermarket at the moment.

Hackney WickED looks quite fun this weekend. Let’s see if Field Day stays dry this year then eh and I don’t manage to Don’t forget your bag of $% to throw into london fields festival this weekend… ooh, i can’t wait.

Come on then mr angry, let’s get off then.


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