This Week 26-1-12


So I thought I was being really nice to my cat on Tuesday, running to the shop, spending silly money on some motion activated ball in a tube – very technical – get him a catnip refillable toy, lots of nice food… get home produce these for him, turns around and walks out the room. Fair enough, he's a cat, he's an ungrateful fkkr! Seems very keen on showing me what's next door. Better take a look. Head next door. Glass and feathers and blood covering pretty much every surface in bedroom, a whole window pane smashed out… cat walks to a particular place in the room, shows me triumphantly beheaded pigeon. 
As I piece all the jigsaw together in my head I conclude that said pigeon flew straight through the window, not realising it was glass. I notice this because there is pieces of pigeon wing stuck the broken glass on the bed. As if that's not bad enough a day. Sht, I just flew threw a window and broke my wings. Oh god, what's that big black ball of fur? Oh god, oh no… … and there you go.
I'm telling you this, because I'm now really cold and have been sleeping with a window missing for the last two nights… and I really have to go and buy a pane of glass. That and get the blood out of the carpet. 
Can I leave with some good stuff and we have a proper catch up next week?
OK, love you. x

In fact I don't really have much good stuff this week either. 

We're now officially in recession – thumbs up emoticon.

Happy Chinese New Year 


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Watch full screen – think we are the only ones out there?

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Temperature & Expansion – with ether.

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Describe your sex life with a movie title… ummm Lord of The Rings?? uh, yeah mate. 


Buy new Radioactive Man – it is great. That the Hardway Bros and you've done well this week.

Right, really can't feel my feet… must run x