This Week 18/18


“Well, it’s Groundhog Day… again… and that must mean that we’re up here at Gobbler’s Knob waiting for the forecast…” (sure I’ve used this before).

Cup of tea in hand, cat sat next to me pssed off cos I won’t play with him all day… BBC news on… freezing outside… actually let’s scrap this introduction nonsense for a week eh? Feels like I’m living it over and over…

Why not drop straight into the almost well mis-informed sartorial political/topical ramblings section shall we? OK then…

How good would it be to have Sarah Palin as the President of America? I think I’d try and move there full time if she made it… not that they’d have me… but I’d fight tooth and nail! Jesus, look at this picture, what the hell is wrong with her eyes?! I love the fact that she’s said she’ll run… but will ‘consult family first’… ummm, surely you’d consult them first before announcing it on national TV? Anyway, don’t panic, she can’t win.

Ireland are advised to accept bailout or ‘face crisis’. So the notion of the single european currency is even in doubt…

Corr, them South Americans (not to generalise too much or anything), they love a bit of the underground don’t they? Sorry, not very funny in light of recent circumstances… but quite funny! I just googled Argentinia underground and this is what I got: Underground Resistance mate!

Jesus, check the cat crack video… amazing. Check the drooling… mental. My cat’s looking at me well funny now. Better turn it off quick smart. Always wondered whether it’s fair to give my cat crack, I mean cat-nip… hmm.

So the queen’s now on facebook? Either I’ve got the wrong page or only 9446 people like the The Queen. Oh no, hang on 9447… oh that’s just me liking it, I really couldn’t resist! “Your majesty would you be so kind to download more pictures of yourself and the interior of the castle, it will be very nice and interesting, all my love” Nice comment. Ace, check Liam Spotswood’s comments on the page. Very well informed. In fact read all the comments… they’re pretty amazing! Wonder if she’d like to subscribe to the R$N? Shall I spam her wall up maybe?

Which leads me nicely onto the This Week pictureIf facebook existed 100 years ago. Have you checked God’s page on fakebook too? Someone regurgitating bibleisms… in fact this is much better than the far more popular God page. “God has no recent posts.” Rubbish mate!

Have you seen the new Birds Eye ads? Pretty creepy. Nobody likes preparing chicken laura.

Aphex @ bloc… mmmmm. Check the videoness on the link. Brings back nightmares in Space over the summer.

Indian crash – “Pilot slept through half the flight. snoring could be heard” And there was me thinking I’d been unreasonable when I refused to fly Air India when I was out there.

Not sure if I’ve posted this yet either but facesinplaces is quite fun. The more I’ve looked the more I see em now… they’re everywhere!

The lord’s prayer etched on 7 pins… madness.

Google maps Japan to China… check step 43!! Brilliant.

200 year old champagne found in Baltic sea – still drinkable. Nice. 70 grand a bottle yeah?!

Not waterfall but firefall down Horsetail in Yosemite Park. Mazing.

Right, I think I might do one y’know… brain is a tad fried and I have 6 million things to do afore I get off tomorrow morning. I appreciate that’s not actually your problem… but you’ve got a fair bit to be going on with… and of pretty high quality might I add. Oooh, a superb Lone album has just dropped through my inbox. Heavy, heavv! Detroit geekabilities ensue.

Too ra…


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