This Week 17/3 NYC


“The only thing in New York people’s fridges is milk, beer and hot sauce. The hot sauce is for the pizza when they’re not eating out.” R.Lewis

“Report: Antismoking Group Has Never Even Tried Cigarettes”

“Anthropologists Trace Human Origins Back To One Large Goat ‘Wait, That Can’t Be Right,’ Scientists Say” The Onion – quickly becoming my favourite new discovery.

“Drink coffee. Do stupid things, faster, with more energy.”

“I love what you’re wearing… thanks I got it on sale, it was only $2000″

Dear Ransom,

Is has been a week since my last confession.

In this time, many things have happened to me. I have walked… a lot! I have experienced a huge amount of packaging and a lot of pizza slices… Crucially, I missed Phil Collins Day just down the road. I do not know how I let this happen.

I need to get this out ‘fo y’all’ (see what I’ve done there) in time today so this will be brief, however rest assured Ms Ryle & I have La Paz vs NYC article to go for next week.

This will involve my usual sardonic nonsense and indeed the far more eloquent Ms Ryle on a comparison of the two cities… sound boring? My side may be… but I will endeavour to make it less so.

In the meantime I will leave you this week with a plethora of nonsense linkage and Mr Shepherd’s guesting.

Shepherd’s occasional guest linkage column returns:

Chap re-creates an Escher – but how?

Ace animation

Nice collection of crazy japanese dancing

… repeated in Cambodia

Watched at the right speed, normal things can be amazing

Related: bit of a nosher, but very interesting talk on how camera shutters work:

human seal

Good eh? They’re always worth the wait…

Snowflakes up close

Quite a funny little Kid Carpet promo vid

Maps from 1942 of the never was Nazi invasion

larry the cat sorts out no. 10…

Street art utopia

‘New York Times’ Moves All Content You Won’t Give A Shit About Unless You Make At Least $200K A Year Into One Convenient Section

Tiesto love in excelsius! Jesus christ mate… tone it down

Auto-correct returns

Dragonfly heart sex.

Amazing libraries around the world

Is bottled water really that bad?

Pirates in the city.

Hours of daylight vs latitude vs day of year.

Most unreal (man), landscapes on earth

Righto… I’ll be off then.

Till next week all.


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