This Week 14/7


Sorry, I’m busy that day… sorry, I’m busy that day… yeah and that one… and that one too. I could do Monday March 4th 2012 if that helps. So when can we apply for that merger again?” Barry ‘A Completely Made Up Quote’ Jefferson.

“There are few pleasures so pure as pointing the finger of blame; but when those pointing are simultaneously seeking to exculpate themselves, then it is a psychological necessity.” Dominic Lawson in the i on Tues. “Newspapers, after all, are very sensitive to the moods and prejudices of their readers. It was because such papers as the News of the World knew that their readers were much more interested in eavesdropping on Prince Charles’s pillow talk than bothered about how the snooping was carried out, that they felt able to get away with publishing such stories in the first place.”

“Didn’t Columbus discover the potato in America?” Some nosher on the Apprentice

“You’re a GAW…” and I’m not elaborating any further…

Republicans ignore incompetence, bloat and corruption at the Pentagon

OK, so I’ll only bang on about it for one more week but it’s the story that just doesn’t go away and one that fills me with an enduring sense of optimism about the future. As the rest of the world crumbles around us; America defaults on its debt, Sudan breaks into two halves of uncertainty, Egypt’s revolution looks to have not been the revolution once thought, Bhurma pays no regard to restoring the cultural relics of Bagan and every bloody university in the country charges 9 grand a year to gain an education in going out – jesus this is turning into a long sentence – I seek solace that Rupey’s looking like the lamest of horses in the race for world press domination. Hero to Zero in 2 weeks flat… Is that just my vindictiveness coming out or is it the fact that we may indeed have a stab at plurality in mainstream media. Anyway, time will tell and naive proclamations may be proved otherwise… but for now, upwards!

Jon Stewart tackles the news of the world scandal – excellent! Sorry there’s no embed of this.

John Finnemore destroys News International. Very good.

The Sun on Sunday websites now controlled by News International – is there something going on here?? No, surely not.

The weekend was spent in a field in Shropshire with 300 people playing records all night. Possibly Definitely the best field I’ve been in all summer so far… speaking of Farr, that gone be ace later this month. and oh, what’s that R$N playing records there? Well be amazing then… got brand new J. Phlip mix off of the lovely OSKY ahead of that. Check it here

Missed Justin Timbers buying Myspazz last week. Well you say buying, buying a share. The rise of the dead begins here. It’s like life imitating films innit. As per The Social Network.

So my mate had the actual Champions League trophy in his kitchen last night… actually, really did… quite why he’s not living it up the maldives right now, I know not!

End of Space shuttle… mmmmcheck their meal

The perfect house party volume

Great interview with Jesse Saunders on Legendary Children

As my love and addiction to Twitter sees no signs of letting up I’ve been having a good ole look around. Not really sure I’ve worked this tweeter Leinigen out proper yet but still quite interesting:There’s a blog n’ everything. A Twitter adventure told in portions of 140 characters or less.

Chronology of Events in science
– very good.

Creepy smart glass
vision of the future!

Making sense of dreams.

Black Box, as revived by Mr Knight-Jacobs! :)

I have no idea what’s going on here but I think it’s quite good… I think. Come on Wil, commitment please!

Photo printing on stone
… nice.

Stream Echo & Bunnymen, I mean The Horrrors new album here.

Meanwhile, in Japan

“Immigrants now filling 3/4 of all jobs…” Now that’s more like it Daily Mail. Let’s get away from the sensationalist phone hacking scandals and back to the real issues…



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