Random Slices #8


In our latest weekly derranged flash of randomness we celebrate the rain, the humble mustache and the rarified universe of contemporary art…..

Why does it never rain on me?

The barbican rain room is the talk of the town, with cues stretching round the block on it’s initial opening. What’s all the fuss about? Quite simply a room full of rain that senses you as you walk in and, very politely, stops wherever you tread. People have been getting quasi religious about it, it’s free but estimated waiting time is currently two hours so maybe take a packed lunch and a good book.
It’s f@cking friezing!
The frieze art fair is one of the biggest in the world, with 175 leading galleries from all over the globe representing their wares. There’s a massive spread of contemporary art, and something to suit everyone’s taste. The last time I went I found myself in the world’s smallest disco having a dance to Sylvester with none other than Grayson Perry, dressed in full lady attire. Now that’s living!  Frieze runs until Sunday.
On your marks, set, Tache!
It’s not even mid October, so maybe talking about Movember could be perceived as being a bit premature, but some of us (not mentioning any names, Wil) could do with a healthy head start if they’re going to have any facial hair worth crowing about come the end of November. It’s one of the most successful charity drives in recent times and that probably boils down to the fact that there is great humor to be found in the humble art of the mustache, and that we men must apply humor in order to tackle anything remotely serious or sensitive, such as testicular cancer.  So, gents, hide your razors, and sign up over on the movember site – we’re going in for it at R$N and will be keeping you updated throughout the month with candid snapshots of our manly growths. That sounds horrendous, sorry.