Random Slices #13


Social Xmas Market

It’s Christmas! Ho ho ho! I hate that shit, but if I have to get involved (and, unfortunately, I do) then I’d like to be able to uphold my sensibilities. You know: just because it’s xmas doesn’t mean I suddenly become fond of crap pop music or more willing to sit through an episode of Darling Buds of May. I want xmas my way: Arthouse Cinema, Acid House and very, very good hallucinogens. Same with gifts – why get crap polyester socks when you can get something with a bit more class? That’s where the Social Xmas Market comes in – quality gifts available in sweet surrounds and, as I said, very, very good hallucinogens. 
Spanish Street Art
Spain has a fantastic history when it comes to visual art. Picasso, Miro, Gaudi, Dali and a million and one other great artists have come out of the country but, in a more underground sense, the street art has been top notch for a couple of decades too. The High Roller Society Gallery, a tiny, warm space tucked away down a little side street in Bethnal Green are putting on a group show of various big hitters and lesser known artists from the thriving street art scene called Espanish Connexion, and it’s well worth checking out.
Freeze your bits off
Outdoor swimming, in December! Wicked. If your penis isn’t small enough/nipples aren’t proud enough already (i’m alright on both counts, personally) then this is the one for you.
Get down to Parliament Hill Fields on 8th December for a massive masochistic frenzy. Might turn into a massive frozen orgy, you never know.
NB: The Social is a law abiding establishment, and certainly NOT the kind of place you are likely to find very, very strong hallucinogens.