Pizza Overlords Voodoo Ray’s Join Boxpark


The only thing that could possibly be better than stuffing your face with a load of Voodoo Ray's pizza is stuffing your face with a load of Voodoo Ray's pizza whilst watching every single film Arnie made, from Conan The Barbarian right through to Total Recall in one mammoth session (yep, even Twins). We're unsure whether Voodoo Ray's will take this on-board when they open their new branch in the Shoreditch Boxpark site, but we're just sayin' – 24 hour Arnie classics on screen and pizza = the best business plan we ever heard.

Regardless, Voodoo Ray's is opening in Boxpark. That's the news story here. Forget about the Arnie stuff. If you've been to Dance Tunnel (and if not, why not?) you'll know Voodoo Ray's as the pizzeria situated above that smashes the whole bread-tomatoes-cheese business into tomorrow. They do bloody massive 22 inch monster pizzas for greedy bastards (or generous sharers) and serve them with frozen margheritas. They're taking all this joy to Boxpark throughout May, opening from midday til 11pm. Just follow the pizza smell and you'll find em.

Here's a photo of pizza.

Mmmmmmm. Pizza.