Personal Jetpacks Available From 2016


It's probably the greatest news we've ever reported; a New Zealand firm has announced that personal, actually working jetpacks will be available to the public from 2016.

According to the International Business Times, the sci-fi dream of blasting off into the heavens Rocketeer-style has been realised by Martin Aircraft Company, a New Zealand based firm who've been hacking away at the problem since 1980. The Martin Jetpack will retail at a sweet $150,000 (just shy of £100K), and is largely being aimed at rescue service personel who need to access tricky situations – and, quite probably,bored billionaires looking to branch out into a spot of airbound vigilantism.  

"The Martin Jetpack is powered by a V4 200 horsepower petrol engine controlling two ducted fans." Writes IBT

"Using vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), it can fly at a speed of 74km/h, gaining altitudes of up to 1,000m, for just over 30 minutes at a time."

Which means that really, highspeed jetpack racing should be a sport as of NOW. Can we copyright that idea?

To further quote from the IBT article:

"The Martin Jetpack was invented by Glenn Martin, who decided to make a personal jetpack after a night out with friends."

"At the time, rocket technology could only fly jetpacks for less than 30 seconds at a time, and the pilot would have to weigh less than 70kg."

"Martin weighed 100kg, so he kept working on his invention until in 1998 the prototype he built in his garage was able to lift his wife off the ground when strapped into it."

So, let's get this straight. Glenn Martin decided to invent a jetpack whilst out on the piss – then tested the prototype on his wife rather than strap it on himself. We're getting the impression that this wonder has been created by some sort of boozed up bantasaurus, which makes a fair amount of sense tbh.   

You can check it out in the Martin Jetpack promo video below, although it's a bit dry and probably would have benefitted from Michael Bey directing…