In Search of Space Dimension Controller & the fox.


Ever the ones for a bit of light-hearted off-kilter DJ banter/jibing, something caught the eye of R$N’s recently which we couldn’t leave alone. 

A few weeks back Space Dimension put on his Facebook:
“if someone can be bothered to keep bidding on this, and win it. i will personally turn up to your house and play a live set and send you a signed copy of the album, with a picture of me and this fox totally vibin out.”
“When the albums out, whoever the winner is, will get an absolute vibe marathon in their house. i’ll bring some of my other dj mates too. just as long as you don’t live in a remote sector of antartica or anything.”
It got a great response, some people wondered whether they could keep the fox.  Space Dimension clarified in two messages:
“no, you absolutely do not get to keep the fox. I REPEAT, you absolutely do not get to keep the fox.”
He added:
“just imagine all the wooded areas that fucker’s seen and then he’s just sittin on that chair tellin all the baby foxes about what he’s seen. absolute veteran.
if he appears dressed as picard i’ll be happy”
R$N’s reporter from the North – yup, at present we only have one but what reporter he is! – Mike Boorman, we’ll refer to him as Dr Fox in this article, took a bit of shine to said post :
“My good friend Matt Tyson who runs the night Uber in Carlisle emailed me the ebay link.  I thought it was moderately funny and then forgot about it.  He then rung me up and told me the back story about how Space Dimension would DJ to whoever bought it for him, and I immediately agreed that we should go in 50/50 and buy it, so I fucking well did.”
Now a lot of us think about doing these things but how many of us actually follow through on said affirmations?

“I felt it was win, win.  If he carries out his promise then happy days; if he doesn’t, then let’s be honest, it’s hilarious anyway how he duped some mug into buying a stuffed fox.  Sometimes, even though you run the risk of looking a complete twat, something is just too funny to ignore.”

Did he actually win it?
I won it, and posted on SDC’s wall: ‘Be careful what you wish for, old boy. I’ve just gone and bought the fucker’ to which he replied ‘I need proof’.  He then got itchy feet over the following couple of weeks and posted a couple of times again I sensed he didn’t believe me which just made it even better.” 
So, job done you’d think. Buy the fox, pay the postage… and wait. But Dr Fox had other ideas…

“Although the postage on it was only 9 quid, I insisted that I would come down to London (I live in Manchester) to pick it up.  I just felt I needed to meet any person that felt the need to stuff a fox in such a bonkers way I had these visions of turning up to some murky lockup full of gorilla’s heads but alas it was a quick rendezvous outside Dalston Kingsland station, for the fox to be handed over in a bag.” It’s important to point out here that the taxidermy artist has nothing at all to do with SDC, and has never heard of him! (Ed)
We met up with Dr Fox in the pub post-purchase as he unwrapped the first (hopefully there’ll be the main one soon-come) prize…

“Although my hopes of having a cuppa and an idle chit-chat in the presence of a load of stillborn mammals were dashed, the revelation that the fox had a lucky escape by avoiding a swarm of rampaging moths more than made up for it. ‘I lost a room full of squirrels they were ravaged by the moths,’ the artist said.  ‘Fuck me,’ I thought ‘this is genus!’  So I kept prodding about the topic and then a conversation broke out about industrial strength insect repellant.  It was exactly the kind of obscurity I wanted to hear and I’m not sure what that says about me, but I felt fully vindicated for making the effort to come down south and greet the fox personally.”

“I still don’t know whether it’s all going to materialise, but already, it has delivered.  The fox has met about 10 people, has travelled on three London underground lines, and, no word of a lie, has been invited to two weddings that I’m DJing at in the next few months just imagine the sight of that thing on your special day.  So even if SDC welches on his promise, there are grand plans for the fox – don’t be surprised if various DJ booths are ambushed with it in the next few months, and not just at weddings.”   

Check back over the coming days for updates, anecdotes and whether Space Dimension Controller finally decides to respond/follow through on the deal… 

Oh yes and for authenticity purpose here is said original ebay listing…