Not content with just giving us weekly updates about his Siberian antics, Mike Boorman is now giving us a bunch of visual references to waste some time with.

Phil Weeks – Underground Chronicles 

This man is out of his fucking tree. Basically, Phil likes nothing more than to travel the world and get stoned, but at the same time dispense production and DJ advice to a camera. This is what would happen if Frank Spencer were to land a job at Point Blank Music College.

Harry Choo Choo Romero – Night At The Black 

I’ve set myself a challenge to try and play this wherever possible whilst I’m in Russia. So far I have managed to play it six times, which isn’t bad going considering I’ve only been here a month!

And finally, this is me being interviewed live on national TV about the fox.  And no word of a lie, the surname of the presenter means “pubic bone”.

The series is also available over on R$N TV.