Delorean Cars Return To Production


Back to the future? Almost. 
DeLorean, the car that took Marty McFly and Doc back and forth in time became a status symbol in the ‘80s is set for a relaunch. Founded by John DeLorean in 1975, the company went bankrupt after the founder was arrested in 1982 charged with trafficking cocaine. The production stopped that year. 

Thanks to a recent change in a federal law, a facility in Humble, Texas is set to produce the vehicle once again, for the first time in three decades. Original parts have been stored in a warehouse and now the company is able to build authentic DeLoreans again. The refurbished version of the car currently sells for $50,000, whilst the new model will cost around $100,000. If you have some spare change you can now feel like Marty. Just don’t forget to wear your life vest.