Bnp Twitter Hacked – No One Notices


In a sequence of events that reflects pretty badly on the deteriorating mental state of far right has-beens the BNP, last night a hacker claiming to be affiliated with Anonymous took control of the BNP's twitter account and started tweeting random vaguely offensive drivel – and the party (or indeed anyone else) failed to notice. Unfortunately, given the British National Party's long standing predilection for posting random, entirely offensive drivel, the tweets, a mix of expletives and random use of the word 'faggot', blended right in. Whilst the hacker did his best to kick off proceedings with a choice Griffin wind ups :



the party continued to tweet their usual madness, like so:



So, on the one hand there was @Anon_oxo3 running cyber riot on the account, posting "fagto is a cunt", changing their backdrop to a picture of himself, admitting to being drunk, then asking the tweetsphere for advice on what to do with the account, as he didn't have a clue who the BNP were –



and on the other, the BNP were posting links to rambling pro-Russia, anti-Europe essays accompanied by this kind of imagery:

Which doesn't seem at all mental. Eventually the hacker got bored and left, leaving the twitter account free to get back to the important business; firing out caps locked tweets about banning burkas.