Art of Work


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One Sunday afternoon, we dropped by somewhere that looked like it used to be a school. There was a stage with lots of red lamps from the market stalls and huge rabbits made of paper in the yard. It reminded me of a school cultural event in the Autumn, but there seemed to be no students around. I could see the purpose gradually as we visited small rooms in the building, which had interesting pictures and funny decorations. The purpose seemed to be to introduce traditional shops and craftsmen from around Central and Sheung Wan. The photo is of a shop in Hong Kong which sells cleaning products and tools, I guess. It makes good use of the space and it is a work of art in how they displayed things. One art room was about a dried noodle shop in Central and we found the shop afterwards and bought dried egg noodles.

Re-posted and kindly supplied from Akis fantastical, strange and wonderful Calm Clam Club blog