From The Badger’s Lair #1


The internet is a weird and wonderful place where even the darkest of humours can be assuaged. Yes, that's right, we used the word assuaged and there's nothing you can do about it. One such purveyor of the depths of the internet is Mr Mark Broadbent and, after getting sick of his peculiar emails only going into our inboxes, he's finally given in to all the badgering (get it???) and let us share some of these curiosities with the world. So strap yourself in and prepare yourself for a batch of some of the internet's finest exhibitions of irregularity and some aural delights that we think you'll enjoy;

The first of many repetitive tracks that send my Brother Andrew (Big L) into a sulk when I play b2b with him at Pikes On Sunday’s. I think it’s wonderful. He thinks it’s self indulgent and boring. Make up your own mind.

Harry and his friend show us that not all new electronic “dance” music is rubbish, ill conceived and vacuous. Again.

That’ll teach him!

Don't steal shit!

Our old friend perspective. Or a massive policeman?

Imagine how much tripe you’d get for Lottie! Yorkshire – grow 'em big and feed the family…

Mark Broadbent can be found running Pikes On Sundays over in Ibiza.