Die Cut #7: The Trollies So Far

I was quite right… Protests in the UK happen on Days-Off… think about it. But let’s forget all this, there is so much more.
I’m going through deep tissue issues here.
My Girlfriend says, all I do use THE DIE-CUT for is to RANT about things and the world, and yes, I admit, I do! Because there is so much to rant about! I understand, that ranting comes from an unfortunate position, as nobody rants when you are in the position to enjoy, in the better position, right? Actually Boris does all the time… and she actually really liked DC#6.
But back to business, it throws the question if I’m a TROLL!? You remember them? they used to be suddenly hip when I was still in school. Little hairy plastic figures driving parents mad. I never had one, and I said I wouldn’t, to now in the end, become one myself? Life is a strange matter.
Trolling, that internet phenomena, where people rant under others rants on social media. All I see on the matter is 1. I haven’t been trolled on DIE-CUT Facebook yet, which could be because nobody cares about me, or because I don’t reach enough people? 2. The amount of stupidity farted by trolls on social media platforms is 7bn times bigger then the universe. Does that make sense? And they are full of really weird wing perspectives of life.
My week's trolling is Tory+Troll=Trolly.
Beware of the TROLLYS! they don’t speak out loud! They do it from their little caves, far from being faced, even though more and more they use their real names. They are growing in numbers all over the place. So wow yourself, if Skinner is a Troll for calling out loud Dodgy Dave! That happened face to face! 
And at least but not last, whoever out there calls Snowden a troll, must be treated with special attention, as he might be suffering under severe problems. 
Speak out loud, but more then that, take time to listen and to really think about what you are going to say.
DIE-CUT loves you
PD: In case you have some time