Asking For A Friend #96


Why after all this time have we never actually delved into the identity of the "friend"? Who the hell is this guy? He must be a crazy ass character but we know very little as to his true nature. He asks what we all think, feel and want to know. He dares to tread where no man has previously walked or wandered.

More questions, more existential doubt.

This week he reflects on funny jumpers, Secret Gardens and the nutritional value of a spectacular breakfast. This is…. Asking For A Friend…

Is this balearic?
Asking for a friend

Anyone need professinal signs doing?
Asking for a friend.

Anyone want to buy one of these authentic NYC tshirts?
Asking for a friend.

If you buy your own tracks 15,000 times off Beatport will you get rich and famous? 
Asking for a friend.

How many calories in an average Monday breakfast platter?
Asking for a friend.

Anyone need a backie?
Asking for a friend.

Would this hairstyle suit a 45 year old chubby funster? 
Asking for a friend.


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