Asking For A Friend #90


Back in school we were always encouraged to think aloud, ask questions and challenge the norm. Now it would seem like we must live beneath an opposing set of rules. NO MORE. 

Anyway, here is our bloke who likes to ask lots of questions, whether that means he is powerful not is a story for another day, maybe he is, maybe not. He asks what we all want to know and gets right down to it. 

This is asking for for a friend….

Does it look like me or what?
Asking for Ronaldo.

How do you stop these from following you around?
Asking for a friend.

Are these 'on trend' for a 45 year old chubby funster? 
Asking for a friend.

Anyone want to buy a doll? Collection only. 
Asking for a friend.

Is this balearic? 
Asking for a friend. 

Anyone want to buy some artisan vegan cylinders?
Asking for a friend.

Anyone want to buy a genetically engineered pet?
Asking for a friend.


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