Asking For A Friend #15


The world's favourite new series about questions being asked on behalf of a 'friend' has spuring into life on the ol' social media this week as the OFFICIAL Asking For A Friend Facebook page sprung into life. Yes, it's soon going to outgrow R$N entirely and become about as big as Bill Cosby once was. Oh how the mighty have fallen… Moing swiftly on, here's this week's batch of questions;

Is it wrong to find Miss Piggy sexy? Asking for a friend.

If you've killed someone's boyfriend, how long should you wait before making a move on her? Asking for a friend.

Is Obi Wan Kenobi Jesus? Asking for a friend.

What's the best way to ask a question for a friend, without making it look like you're asking for yourself? Asking for a friend.

Is it the right or left arm you raise for the Nazi salute? Asking for a friend.

Ladies, if I wear these, will you have it off with me? Asking for a friend.

How do you get the Amstrad CPC to make this trendy Midi Music? Asking for a friend.

Anyone know where to buy this Donald Trump painting? Would look great on my bedroom wall. Asking for a friend.

If you have a DJ gig tonight at Neonz in Skegness, should you turn up on a horse? Asking for a friend.

If I look like this, will I be better at Words With Friends and Scrabble? Asking for a friend.

How do you explain this to your wife? Asking for a friend.

If you're old and chubby, with a tiny penis, should you wear these at a festival? Asking for a friend.

Are Iceland's mini milk lollies long enough to reach a man's g-spot? Asking for a friend.

Is this an acceptable tip for a busker? Asking for a friend.

If I inhale balloons and call people bruv, will I make more friends at festivals? Asking for a friend.

Is this that photo of Queen being all Nazi and shit? Asking for a friend.

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