Andrew Thompson


Factory Records devotee who chanced upon Doves and dancing to Italian House in the grottiest of 'Phoenix Nights' style venues. Atypical Northern primate who fled his cage alongside the Mersey many decades ago. Earned a crust selling rekkids on high streets up and down the provinces (biggest claims to fame making Modjo a number one and being stalked by Howard from Take That), before gallivanting South and making his mam proud by running The Biggest Record Shop In The Whole Wide World (TM). Argues with his sons about music because they obviously know better than me now and just because one of them DJs in Chalet makes him soooooo cool and I’m not bitter. Keen twat, and first rate DadDancer to all things slowed down and daft. Amateur twitcher, TFL obsessive, VANISHINGPOINT! promoter and Everton fan. Not in that order. Call me.