Shifting Perceptions

Art & Culture

If you were to pop down to the Hundred Years Gallery any time soon, you might be in for a bit of a mind-warp. Nicholas Vaughan and Yu-Chen Wang have put together an exhibition entitled Shifting Perceptions that could have to more sensitive among us cowering in the terror that is a break from the norm.


In an exhibition which runs until March 23rd, the two artists unleash a series of mind-bending works that will hopefully be received by flocks of perplexed crowds as they attempt to rationalise what they see before them. By delving into the way in which our reality is shaped, the artists are attempting to re-shape and re-define what we know and hold dear. 


The two artists have a 13-year long relationship which began when studying for an MA in fine art; seemingly all went to plan as both are now producing exhibitions such as this. Their artistic personalities mingle and entwine throughout this exhibition and it is clear that, while each has their own particular preferences of style and ideals, they are essentially right on the very same page.


On some level we must all be re-creating our past; forging and adapting memories, glorifying particuar events or perhaps even removing them from our consciousness altogether. Still, to see an adaptation such as this in a series of intricate artworks is impressive, thought-provoking and ultimately incredibly impressive. 


Hold onto your hats – things are about to get freaky…


Shifting Perceptions takes place at The Hundred Years Gallery in London until March 23rd, for more information see the gallery's official website.


Ciarán Steward