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There seems to have been a sudden flourish of pizza joints popping up in Peckham as of late. Not wanting to be left out, The Beautiful Pizza Boy has graced the neighbourhood with its sustainably sourced wood-fired pizzas and delicious cocktails. They serve dinner and drinks from 5pm Tuesday to Friday. On the weekend, brunch, lunch, dinner and drinks are served from 10am. 

Cosy but modern, the high ceilings and modern finishes add an element of sophistication to an otherwise traditional Neapolitan pizza parlour. There is an outdoor area which I imagine will be well used in the summer months. 

The staff are extremely kind and attentive to every table they serve. I overheard a particularly tricky customer asking what was dairy-free and gluten free and the waitress responded easily with a variety of options that they could eat. Staff frequently (but not too often) asked how tables were, how they enjoyed the food and then gave them their recommendations. It was the personal touches that each staff member gave to customers that really stood out. 

Another aspect of the restaurant that shines is their selection of exotic cocktails such as ‘Getting figgy with it’ which features fig infused punt e mes, chocolate, agave and absinthe. However, our waitress' favourite and our cocktail of choice was a ‘Tramonto’with aperol, punt e mes, Lambrusco and orange zest. These well thought out drinks put your standard mojito and sex on the beach in the shade. 

Now down to the food. The dinner menu is a perfect size; it gives you enough choice but not too much so as you can’t decide. We ordered the salumi e formaggi for two (you can also order it for four) which included cured meats, artichoke, ciabatta, breadsticks. This was delicious and the variety of tasty cured meats was the highlight as well as the freshly made ciabatta. My other starter of choice was the arancini balls with the filling of the day being ricotta and mushroom. They were very tasty and luxurious, however, be warned as the portion size might be more reasonable for two. 

Next up was the choice of pizza’s; we ordered the Diavola and the Parma (as if I hadn’t just eaten my weight in cured meat). I was really impressed by how quickly and efficiently our food arrived. They were both piping hot and the Parma had perfect balance. The Diavola was a spicy sensation with the salami being the star of the show. The portion size was large which (if you’re a pizza fanatic like me) is ideal. Another pizza on the menu that caught my eye was the quirky Breakfast pizza whose toppings included: hen’s egg, pancetta, fennel sausage, tomato, mozzarella and honey. For those who enjoy a bold and brave choice then I’m sure that’ll be right up your alley.

The Beautiful Pizza Boy has elevated my expectations of how a local pizza restaurant should be run. The food was fantastic, the service was perfect and the environment was relaxed. Everything that a dinner out should be. Peckham Rye has landed itself with a real Italian gem and I would recommend it to everyone. I guess you could say it was a pizza de resistance…

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