Read: We Go To The Gallery

Art & Culture

Anyone familiar with anything ever-published by Dung Beetle will be aware of how they're seamlessly able to stray from the norm into a peculiar world of intrigue and downright weirdness. We Go To The Gallery sees a single mother taking her two children out to explore the world of art. Of course, modern art has all gone a bit weird now and so the suitably bizarre captions that adorn each page seem like a perfectly sensible way to approach these visual monstrosities.

Whether it be a young boy questioning himself when confronted by a man dressed as a woman or a child's reaction to being told that death is an illusion is that she needs the toilet, this is not your average book. Weighing in at just under 50 pages, this is probably the quickest I've read a book since I finally conquered The Hungry Caterpillar last year. However, this is by no means the sort of book you want to be reading to a child – unless you want them to grow up to be as emotionally stunted as the cast of Hollyoaks or as unsure about their sexuality as [NAME CENSORED FOR LEGAL REASONS]. 

Though we can't be quite sure how old exactly you'd have to be to be able to read this without people looking at your parents as if to say 'for shame', anyone that knows all their swears and how to use them properly should give this a read as it's one of the most ingenious forms of the written word that I've ever seen. Frankly, I plan on bringing up my own kids in a manner such as this tireless working single mother one day. I mean, what's the worst that could happen?

Oh, right…

We Go To The Gallery is released on 21st September, published by Dung Beetle. The last copies of the artists editions will be sold at the Whitechapel London Art Book Fair from 11th-13th September and author Miriam Ella will be there to sign purchased books on 13th September.