+ Mango Diary #6 +

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Name: Mahachanok
Origin: Thailand
Size: 15 x 7 x 5 cm
Weight: 274g

This fellow is now well past his best before date, and for almost any other kind of mango eating would not be an option. However, it was a special import that featured heavily in a Thai food festival at the local supermarket, so it must be tried. A few weeks ago it looked like
a flame, yellow licked with golden-red. With time, the leopard spots appeared but luckily, or through good breeding, none translated into the internal black holes that can so easily spoil an otherwise good mango.

The smell is high and sweet, but not very strong. The texture soft and with little fibre, although there is some near the skin. Plenty of
juice. It is medium small in size, but the stone seems relatively large.

Amazingly, given its age, it tastes excellent, very sweet, but refreshing too. There is an awful lot of sugar, too much perhaps, but
it is watery too, and there is enough acidity to keep the flavor interesting. It is less tasty near the stone, but overall, very good;
a quality product. It wont be kept for so long next time.

The stone weighs 28g, and the skin takes the total of 88g, so the overall fruit ratio is 68:32.


L. Shepherd