Fuerzabruta -The Argentinian Alternative

Art & Culture

If you're sick of the same old clichs when it comes to seeing a show around Christmas then maybe Fuerzabruta is for you. This is by far one of the strangest, most memorable stage events in London taking place in the next few months and is most certainly not a show for the faint at heart.


There doesn't appear to be any narrative to the show which features such experimental delights as a suited gentleman eternally in motion on a treadmill and a pool of semi-naked girls floating above the audience (maybe not something to see with an easily jealous partner).


It's been described as loud and brash but tickets last year had sold out weeks in advance of the show's run so it must strike a chord with certain sectors of the London populous. Perhaps this is your best chance of breaking away from the reality of arguments about presents and cracker-pulling as the show combines surreal events with pulsating beats to create an experience like no other.


Fuerzabruta runs at the Roundhouse from December 23rd until March 2nd, tickets can be bought here.


Below is a little taste of last year's experience.



Ciarán Steward