Comedy Slice #62

Art & Culture

As the weekend softly whispers sweet nothings into your ear, brimming with promise while the week slowly crawls to an end, we step in with a roundup of delights for the week ahead. Because lets face it Sunday is quick to stroll in with the shadow of Monday behind it and we all need a little something to look forward to, dont we?

Sunday 26th // The NATYS 2014 // Bloomsbury Theatre // 12.50

Since we’ve reached that point in January when resolutions are beginning to fall at the wayside and new year shine has tarnished its possibly time for inject a refreshing burst of new comedians and the Bloomsbury has just the ticket. The NATYS grand final is jam packed with the best new acts whove made it through the heats.( Its always a cheeky bonus when someone has done the ground work for us.) Showcasing their skills in the hope of taking the grand slam are Alasdair Beckett-King, Archie Maddocks, Candy Gigi Markham, Garrett Millerick, Jo Coffey, Kelly Kingham, Nick Hodder, Pete Dobbing, Rogue 5, Thomas Ward, Thunderbards, Tina Tuner Tea Lady, Twayna Mayne, Vinegar and Wilson. A hearty selection to sink your teeth into. And to oversee the proceeding is the favourite grumpy old man, Arthur Smith.  

Monday 27th // Julian Barrett presents: Jon Breeze & Special Guest // Soho Theatre // 10

The somewhat elusive Julian Barratt is back on the comedy circuit with a brand spanking new character. The Mighty Boosh star rarely performs live and its been years since he has performed solo, so this is a unique opportunity to catch him working shopping his latest character Jon Breeze. Jon Breeze,  Guru of Relaxation takes you on a journey through his workshop Touch Your Now . This has Barratts signature all over it I can almost hear his voice telling me to smell the now. So excited I almost wish it was Mondayalready.  Almost.

Wednesday 29th // The Vault Festival // 8

If you have been staring at the multitude of events going on as part of The Vault Festival for a while, trying aimlessly which one/ones to choose then rest easy,  here is a pick to start you off. The night the Descent Group take over The Vault. The Group is dedicated to showcasing new writing and comedians, offer up a night of award-wining rising stars including Liam Williams (Fosters Best Newcomer Nomine 2013), Al Donegan (So You Think Youre Funny Finalist 2013), Tamar Broadbent and Tom Rosenthal (Friday Night Dinner). A strong line-up that is well-worth descending into the Vaults for.

Holly Hyde-Smith