Comedy Slice #58

Art & Culture

This week is all about accepting that winter has arrived. It struck us first when we couldn’t feel our fingertips when we nipped to the shops. Then we got hailed upon. To help thaw us all out is this week’s Comedy Slice with a warming dollop of comedy. 

Friday 22nd // Who is Mr Kirby? // Hen & Chickens // 5

There was once a strange man who use to always show up to gigs and continuously shout heckles until the show became all about him. His name was Mr Kirby. Then as suddenly as he appeared, he disappeared. The Kirby gang found they strangely missed him and so, now they attempt to find a replacement Mr Kirby –  someone in the audience who gets involved more than anyone else. On the search are artist Ben Charman, storyteller George Rowe, improv musician Joe Charman, and leading the pack is MC Chris Gau. With such as a plethora of different comedians in the show there is plenty of opportunities for you to get involved and who knows maybe you’ll be the new Mr Kirby?  

Saturday 23rd // Milton Jones – One the Road // Fairfields Hall // 20

Milton Jones, recognisable by his Hawaiian shirts and surreal one liners on Mock The Week, is on tour. Hilariously funny, Jones has just been commissioned for his tenth series on Radio 4 and has a host of awards to his name including Perrier Best Newcomer, British Comedy Award nominee, Chortle Headliner of The Year, a Sony Award and a Writers Guild Award. This is a chance to be fully immersed into his bizarre world. 

Wednesday 27th // How to become a Parisian // Leicester Square Theatre // 20

Haven’t you always wanted to be a Parisian? To emulate their effortless style and that certain je ne sais quoi? Well now you can as Olivier Giraud is here to teach you how in his smash hit show. Learn how to be a Parisian in a taxi, in the metro, in a night club , even in bed…Everything you need to know to slip into the Paris way of life. You could probably even justify booking a little trip to the Eiffel Tower after this show…well how else are you going to test your new found skills? 

Holly Hyde-Smith