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The collective are putting on three events in the coming weeks, giving attendees the oppurtunity to experience 'Gestalt Listening', '…the cognition of present sound as a whole rather than the focussing on particular sounds, letting all sound perceived merge indiscriminately. The opposite of the Cocktail Party effect where you focus on one particular sound in the soundscape.' Events are also accompanied by visuals designed by the artists to accompany the experience.

Each session is led by performances by established aural artists, creating soundscapes for the listeners abstract pleasure.

It all starts this friday (the 18th) at 7pm with a Radio session on Resonance 104.4FM with the organisers surveying the use of cacophony and sound collage in the history of recorded music from the very beginning.

The second takes place on Friday November 25th at The Apiary in Hackney and features a number of DJs, instalation designers and sound artists including Parrhesia Soundsystem, Richie Doggs and Chris Collier.

The final event takes place on Thursday December 1st in Westminster Reference Library and features performances by Lionle Marchetti, Eric La Casa and Joel Cahen.

The organisers of the event list this classic scene from Wim Wenders' 'Wings of Desire' as inspiration for the project: 


For more info and tickets to the December event check here.