Subway Sect Film To Premiere At East End Film Festival

Art & Culture

After six years of production a feature-length independent film about the legendary Subway Sect and their enigmatic frontman Vic Godard is set to be screened for the first time on 10th July at London's East End Film Festival.

Featuring appearances from Irvine Welsh, Edwyn Collins, Bobby Gillespie and more, Derailed Sense details the story of one of the most distinctive sounding bands of the original punk era. Enigmatic frontman Vic Godard, probably the only man to quit music to become a postman by choice, blazes his own musical trail amidst an abundance of old photographs and some rare footage in a film that's a must see for anyone curious about the emergence of Post-Punk.

Derailed Sense screens at the East End Film Festival on Friday 10th July, click here for more information.