Seismographic Sounds – Illuminating The Global Musical Underground

Art & Culture

Seismographic Sounds is the second volume to be published by Norient – the "Network for local and global sounds and media culture". A 500 page collection of essays, the book seeks to predict and illuminate worldwide musical trends that move away from traditional models of pop music consumption. In their own words – 

Scholars, journalists, bloggers and musicians from Bolivia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Switzerland and forty-six other countries discuss artistic expressions that may not make big headlines yet, but anticipate major changes to come. Produced in oftentimes small studios from Jakarta to La Paz, Cape Town to Helsinki, these works experiment with the new possibilities of the Internet age and illuminate new spaces beyond the confines of commercialism, propaganda, and bigotry. They foresee a changing geography of multi-layered modernities, far beyond old ideas of North versus South, West versus East. Discover this through a collage of articles, interviews, quotations, photographs and lyrics.

Examples include  Punk in Bolivia and Indonesia, Electronic Music in Egypt, Underground Pop from South Africa and Nigeria, Rap in Pakistan, Serbia, Chile and Ghana, Noise Music from Israel, Seapunk and Vaporwave from the US, Post Digital Pop from the UK, Neuer Konzeptualismus, and much more.

The book is due for publication in Switzerland around about now, and the UK early next year – there's a fairly nice looking youtube trailer for it you can check out below. If you're interested, pre-orders can be put in on the Norient BIg Cartel page here