Revok “Systems” Exhibition To Open Late October In La

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Following his first solo show in February, a popup with Library Street Collective in Detroit, the self-taught LA-based artist REVOK teams up with LSC again, this time for a solo show at The Castelli Arts Complex entitled "SYSTEMS", a show exploring "the physical and conceptual disintegration of structures".

A trailblazer in the graffiti subculture, REVOK continues to push the boundaries of his work with this show focusing on more experimental and conceptual pieces, utilising self-made mark-making tools. Whilst murals and assemblages of urban decay have evolved as the artist has moved from street to studio, REVOK stays true to the roots of his work yet has arguably done more to shift spray paint to minimalist art than anyone before.

The collection features complex assemblage works, softened by a number of additional works on metal to make for an exhibition that truly challenges the idea that graffiti based art cannot sophisticated, contemporary, or intellectual.

Find out more about "SYSTEMS" here.

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