Prince’s Unfinished Memoirs To Be Published In New Biography

Art & Culture

A biography dedicated to Prince is due to be published later this year.

In an interview with ‘Strictly Business’ podcast, New York literary agent Esther Newberg confirmed that a  biography was in the works and suggested that it will be completed and hopefully out in time for Christmas. 

Before his unexpected death in 2016, The Purple One held an unprecedented meeting at his home in Minneapolis, pitting three competing editors against each other for the rights to co-write the book – a task awarded to writer and editor Dan Piepenbring. 

Fifty pages of the The Purple One’s very own penmanship are set to be included in the finished biography. Written in his own handwriting and documenting anecdotes about his early life, family and family tree, there is talk of them being reproduced as they were collected. 

Random House are set to publish the biography in the US. 

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