Pepe The Frog Branded As “Hate Symbol”

Art & Culture

Poor Pepe the Frog, used and abused by White Supremacists over recent months, has been condemned as a symbol of hate by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The rare frog, which spent many happy years as a god-tier meme, has been been co-opted for racist and anti-semitic purposes according to the ADL. 

The chief executive of the ADL, Jonathan Greenblatt recently spoke to the Guardian, saying: “Once again, racists and haters have taken a popular internet meme and twisted it for their own purposes of spreading bigotry and harassing users. These anti-Semites have no shame. They are abusing the image of a cartoon character, one that might at first seem appealing, to harass and spread hatred on social media.”

It's a shame to see, but if I know Pepe – and I do – this won't be the last we'll see of him. 

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