Nomad Cinema Announce Alien & Predator Backtoback Screenings

Art & Culture

Alien or Predator? A question as old as time itself. Well, as old as the films are anyway. These two popular action/sci-fi films are coming together once more – this time not in a strictly 'versus' situation – as the folks at Nomad Cinema reveal their Halloween plans.

Along with screenings of Beetlejuice and Carrie on 30th October and The Cabin In The Woods and Psycho on Halloween itself, the pop-up cinema lovers are giving you the chance to watch Alien and Predator back to back. Literally.

On 7th October you'll be able to take your pick of the films OR indulge in a double bill of the films as they screen simultaneously on two opposing screens. So how is this going to work logistically? Well, according to Nomad Cinema: "Two screens, back-to-back – with two audiences, face-to-face, and two audio channels running simultaneously through wi-fi headsets."

Simple really. With early and late shows planned for the double bill, this is a must see for all sci-fi film fans.

Predator/Alien BackToBack takes place on 7th October – find out more about this, along with all the other Nomad Cinema screenings, here.