Grant Morrison Writes Dystopian Comic Short For Bbc

Art & Culture

Legendary comic creator Grant Morrison has delivered a short, silent comic for BBC online. Drawn by Rian Hughes, the comic is part of the BBC's Freedom2014 series, in which various artists and commenters ruminate on the nature of freedom in the modern world (presumably they haven't asked Frankie Boyle to contribute after his recent spat with the corp over Palestine).

Morrison, along with the much revered Alan Moore, redefined what comics were capable of in a spurt of intense creativity in the mid 90s. He broke the fourth wall in Animal Man, introduced surreal situationist plotlines to Doom Patrol, and encouraged his readers to wank over a magical sigil to ensure the sales of his opus, The Invisibles, didn't collapse. These days he writes Superman comics and tries not to think about interdimensional sex insects.

The comic is up online to read here, and there's an interview with the creators over here.