Berlin ‘After The Fall’ Exhibition To Open In London

Art & Culture

The fall of the Berlin Wall surely has to go down as one of the most memorable historical moments of the 20th century. However, while there are plenty of artists, writers and so on documenting the story of the city up to and including the knocking down of this great divide there are few that have turned their focus to the years following the wall's collapse.

That's where the upcoming exhibition at London's Red Gallery comes in as it looks at how post-Wall Berlin became a breeding ground for youth culture and, most importantly, the development of techno. The exhibition will feature photographs by German artists Ben de Biel and Tilman Brembs as well as films, documentaries readings and so on.

This is a rare chance to look into a period of history which is often overlooked, don't miss out.

After The Fall – Berlin 1990-2000 takes place at Red Gallery, London from 1st-18th October – find out more here.