Ai Weiwei Set To Build Fences In New York To Divide Boroughs

Art & Culture

The artist come activist is set to host a new city wide exhibition which will see him build "security" fences across New York City. Titled "Good Fences make Good Neighbours" the project comes days after Donald Trump announced that he would close government in order to build a security wall dividing Mexico from the United States. The project has been long in planning and whilst is not in direct response to recent events is deemed to be "timely". A curator of the Public Art Fund, Nicholas Baume stated: 

“The exhibition grows out of his own life and work, including his childhood experience of displacement during the Cultural Revolution, his formative years as an immigrant and student in NYC in the 1980s, and his more recent persecution as an artist-activist in China. It reflects his profound empathy with other displaced people, particularly migrants, refugees and victims of war.”

The exhibition is set to launch on October 12th. More details can be found HERE

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