80s Punk Icons The Raincoats To Perform With Choreographer Gaby Agis

Art & Culture

The Raincoats were one of Britain's most innovative post punk acts, famously recording scorching sessions for John Peel and inspiring Kurt Cobain to wax lyrical about them in the sleevenotes of Nirvana's Insecticide. The band are now set to return to Shouting Out Loud, their 1984 collaboration with dance choreographer Gaby Agis.

“The 1980's were a period of great social and political unrest," writes Agis. "Thatcherism was in full swing. The miners' strike and gay pride, anti-racist and feminist movements dominated the landscape. This provided the context and backdrop to artists' lives. Again, we live in turbulent and uncertain times. By reconstructing Shouting Out Loud I am interested in discovering to what degree art reflects the times we live in.”

The original performance was developed from a Raincoats song, Shouting Out Loud (itself a classic of post punk – listen below) and featured 13 women – two of whom join the new cast in this updated version. The performance will take place at Greenwich Dance on Feb 27th and will also feature a live show by The Raincoats and a DJ set from DJ Lucky Cat – more info and tickets are available from Greenwich Dance.